Perception and Intelligence Laboratory


  • [2022-03-16] 본 연구실은 지도교수님의 은퇴가 가까워진 관계로, 석/박사 과정 학생을 선발하지 않습니다.

Recent Publications

Global-local Motion Transformer for Unsupervised Skeleton-based Action Learning (ECCV, 2022)

Hypergraph-Induced Semantic Tuplet Loss for Deep Metric Learning
(CVPR, 2022)

Majority Can Help Minority: Context-rich Minority Oversampling for Long-tailed Classification (CVPR, 2022)

Position-aware Location Regression Network for Temporal Video Grounding (AVSS, 2021)

Detecting and Removing Text in the Wild (IEEE Access, 2021)

Rotation-Aware 3D Vehicle Detection From Point Cloud (IEEE Access, 2021)


The goal of the PILab is to gain useful technologies on perception and intelligence which can be applied to visual surveillance systems, inspection machines, robots, etc.

We are developing perceptual primitives to detect, track, and recognize human/vehicles, faces and to understand abnormal behaviors and situations through visual information. In addition, we are developing incremental learning models including probabilistic learning machines for integrating multiple sensory modalities in the changing environments.