By analyzing the action of a subject that is detected, Intelligent Video Surveillance System can be useful in supplementing and alternating manpower in observing traffic situation, preventing crime in the public, and et cetera. For example, in currently existing remote monitoring system, the evidence can be found after end of the theft. However, in Intelligent Video Surveillance System, the occurrence of the theft can be recognized immediately and can be dealt with. There can be many applications


Incorrect Directions

After successfully tracking the moving objects from one frame to another in an image sequence, the problem of understanding-object behaviors from image sequences follows naturally. Behavior understanding involves the analysis and recognition of motion patterns and the production of a high-level description of actions and interactions.

Figure 1. Results of incorrect directions detection

Abandoned Objects in a Crowd

This can distinguish between objects that are left for a few seconds and objects that are abandoned for much longer periods of time. This can be used in many applications such as left luggage detection, potential bomb detection, lost and found, and detecting parking violations.

Figure 2. Results of abandoned object detection

Intruder Detection

This can be used to protect an area from intrusion: a virtual region is drawn on the screen and can detect when the perimeter is breached

Figure 3. Results of intruder detection