"Detection of Moving Objects with Non-Stationary Cameras in 5.8ms: Bringing Motion Detection to your Mobile Device", accepted to CVPR 2013 Workshops on Mobile Vision June 2013.  
"Active Attentional Sampling for Speed-up of Background Subtraction" accepted to CVPR 2012  

The goal of the PILab is to gain useful technologies on perception and intelligence which can be applied to visual surveillance systems, inspection machines, robots, etc.

We are developing perceptual primitives to detect, track, and recognize human/vehicles, faces and to understand abnormal behaviors and situations through visual information. In addition, we are developing incremental learning models including probabilistic learning machines for integrating multiple sensory modalities in the changing environments.


Current topics that we are interested in : 

Detection & Tracking

Smart Image Processing

Behavior Understanding

Visual Surveillance


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